It's L O V E Week

thebanksblog Apr 08, 2020
It’s LOVE  week! 
Funny how so many of us fall fast and deep in love with someone after a few times of associating with them. 
I’ve been there, done that! Met a guy and with three months we were married!  Yes you read that right! Married! 
I ignored all the yellow “caution” and red “danger” flags. I saw them and ignored them... OMG! 
It took me 5 years to get out of that bad decision!

           Some bad decision we have to make to learn from them. 
Why do we do these things? Why is it so ingrained in us that if we’re single, we have to be married?  
Self-doubt. Lack of self-worth. Lack of self-respect. That is why! But, all we really want is to love love love, to be loved, and to feel love!
It’s human nature to feel this.
But when a yellow or red flag appears, don’t ignore it! If those flags are there in the beginning, they are sure to be what will break you up in the end! 
See the picture?! It’s how we go in blind; we see only the heart. The heart represents love, but it’s the barbs we have to see before it’s too late! 
It’s love week, but with that, take a moment first to see the ugly before the beautiful... 
And of course if you're already past the ugly then enjoy this love all week and everyday for that matter. 
This is short and sweet and to the point, didn't get it? Read it again.
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