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Hello Beautiful, I'm Nichole Banks

My Accountability Partner Podcast host, Coach and Speaker. Welcome

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Sharing is Caring!

This is where we put YOU in control, it might just be the swift kick you Need

Putting YOU First 

21 Day  Challenge

I’ve been running and teaching live Challenges since December of 2015! I’m so thrilled that you no longer have to live in my town to participate. I’m announcing to you all that you can now access and can take the “PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST 21 DAY CHALLENGE! 




You're going to love feeling like yourself again! Or MAYBE THIS WILL BE THE FIRST TIME OF PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST! 


Learn to give yourself permission, sometimes the hardest decision we make are the best ones for us. We repeat what we don’t heal. Why not put yourself first today. 


This challenge is taught with worksheets, videos, stories, will bring laughter, discovery, healing, awareness, and give you positive outcomes. 


I’m here to help you along the way, that’s right you're not doing this alone! 

I asked my team if we could do something really crazy and affordable for all and so we've come up with for 21 Days and $21.00 your investing a dollar a day, putting YOU First1

I’m so proud of you for taking a step in putting yourself first! 




Sign Up for the waiting List Today! 
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Let's do this now

Accountability Coach 

Do you need a little push?

A "Personal Accountability Coach" is an individual with varying degrees of knowledge of general coaching strategies to support: fitness involved in exercise, and instruction; personal aspirations, business ambitions; or financial objectives. They motivate clients by setting reasonable targets, providing feedback on activities, and continually support clients through specific accountability behaviors.  Did you know you get a 65% higher rate of getting stuff done with an accountability partner?

After our initial conversation, in which we assess your goals and needs:

·         We craft a plan and schedule to work with you to achieve those goals.  

·         We provide little pushes, reminders, and encouragement:  weekly, daily, (and hourly!) as needed.   

·         "Results big or small - We support them all." 

·         We keep you accountable for any type of goal; business, financial, personal - any goal you would like to achieve.

·         We provide tools you can use in any facet of your life

·         You're going to love your results!

 With encouragement and accountability, we can achieve anything! 

Coming March    2020

The "2nd Act"       Formula 

To ensure personal attention, we limit the number of participants.

Reserve your spot today and uncover the formula to rock your “2nd Act”

  • Are you 40+?

  • Have you been struggling with your self-confidence?

  • Are you concerned with direction of your “2nd Act”?

  • Career shift? New Relationship? Grown Children? 


If you answered “HELL YA” to any of the above, this is the program for you! From the comfort of your own home you can enjoy this weekly webinar, created for busy and budget conscious women who want to learn “The 2nd Act Formula” and launch their best 2nd Act

  • You can join in the live webinar or the replay as often as you need.

  • Information and activities are specifically designed for the mature woman rocking her 2nd Act

  • Personal accountability 
  • Course materials include outlines, activities, and weekly goals

  • Personal assessments (monthly)

  • Q&A to address your personal challenges, questions, and goals!


Don't let your 2nd Act continue as a question mark.  Identify and control your direction. The time is NOW to embrace your “2nd Act”!

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