Hi Girlfriend! I'm Nichole Banks, 

Are you ready to make positives changes in your life? Do you need motivation to lose extra weight? Would you like to boost your self-esteem?  I can help!

I provide empowering life-changing accountability coaching designed to encourage and educate you with proven results. I also create a safe environment for like-minded woman for support and friendship along your journey. Together we can ground your dreams into reality! We’ve got this girl. 

In every facet of your life too!

  •       Youre going to love your results!

With encouragement and accountability,

we can achieve anything!

I’m excited you’re here!


All Month long we are celebrating with Hustle & Heart! Love Your Body Project~

Join us this month for Self Love, Fitness challenges, Trackers, Positive affirmations, We've even included a family calendar full of activities made just to share the love! 

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Whoo Hoo!! Im so proud to announce Ive launched My Accountability Partner Membership! Please join me as I take your hand, grip it tightly in friendship and support, and hold you accountable, each and every day, for your personal fitness, and organizational life and career goals. This is where your life begins to improve. Every day youll be encouraged through text to look within and use your personal courage, with me by your side. Together we will watch you grow into the woman youve always wanted to become or just a better version of the woman you already are today. Take the chance because youre worth it. Show others what success looks like on you. Youll also be embraced by my rocking tribe of supportive woman for even more friendship and support. These woman get sh*t done and know how to have fun

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Im thrilled to be offering two new courses. Coming soon. You're going to have the chance to learn right in the comfort of your own home or office. I can't wait to share with your my Signature courses!

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Guided Journal 

Daily Accountability is what you will find in My Accountability Partner Guided Journal. Set your intentions for the day, track your workout, water, food intake and end with gratitude. It is soft bound, flexible, and perfect for any journal on the go.  This link will take you to Amazon. 

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Jody Masters, Maine 

I've been working with Nichole for a year now and can't say enough good things about her and how she's motivated me to put myself first and see that I'm worth it! The daily text of kick A** sure have help me stay on track! How does she know when I need her the most? Love her style and her!


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Signature Course: Coming soon! 

Isn't it time you PUT YOU First? It's natural for us "People pleasers" to do everything for everyone else, we've become the go to person because we get it done! This course is all about YOU! Why if we don't stop doing for others, we will suffer from burnout. Learn how to reignite your passion for life! 28 Days and I'm by your side the whole time! 



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I’m a people pleaser. I can’t say no. I admit I have a severe case of FOMO (Fear of Missing OUT). I also love the excitement of someone smiling because I said yes or that I can see they are so pleased and that brings me joy.

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5 Ways to be Brave Enough to be Bad at something New!

Not all athletes started on the podium, receiving a gold medal! They, like YOU, were once new at it too! The difference is that they were brave enough to be bad at it and continued on that path until they either loved it and went for the achievements or they said yep that’s enough for me and left it there.  
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