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Who are we & how can we help you?

This is where we put YOU in control, it might just be the swift kick YOU need! Do you need a little push?

A "Personal Accountability Coach" is an individual with varying degrees of knowledge of general coaching strategies to support: fitness involved in exercise, and instruction; personal aspirations, business ambitions; or financial objectives. They motivate clients by setting reasonable targets, providing feedback on activities, and continually support clients through specific accountability behaviors.  Did you know you get a 65% higher rate of getting stuff done with an accountability partner?

we assess your goals and needs:

·         We craft a plan and schedule to work with you to achieve those goals.  

·         We provide little pushes, reminders, and encouragement:  weekly, daily, (and hourly!) as needed.   

·         "Results big or small - We support them all." 

·         We keep you accountable for any type of goal; business, financial, personal - any goal you would like to achieve.

·         We provide tools you can use in any facet of your life

·         You're going to love your results!

 With encouragement and accountability, we can achieve anything! 

Take our quiz below and if you've answered YES to any of the questions then let's see how we can help you. Ready to get started? You're going to love how you feel, xxo Nichole 


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01 Books

Daily Accountability is what you will find in My Accountability Partner Guided Journal. Set your intent for the day and track your workout and end with gratitude. 


02 Courses

So excited to be offering two new courses. Coming soon. You're going to have the chance to learn right in the comforts of your own home or office. We can't wait to share with your our Signature courses!


03 Membership

Whoooo whoooo we just launched the members... Join us as we hold you Accountable each month for your Health & Fitness Goals, or Career goals or just want to be a part of a Rocking Tribe that's getting shit done! 

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04 Weekly Podcast Episodes 

Nichole is an accountability coach, giving others clear paths on how to reach their goals and is right there to give a swift kick if they need it! Nichole gives you weekly lessons and shares stories, around a weekly theme to better yourself!

Then join her on Friday as she follows up with you! 

If might just be the swift kick YOU need!

You can Listen anytime any place you want! Binge listing is encouraged! 

Holding people accountable is love and when I hold YOU accountable, I'm saying, "You're capable of a BIGGER GAME!"

It's with a grateful heart you all have become such loyal fans of the show. 



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