My 20's...


I was raised in the Jehovah Witness religion and becoming a mom to my baby girl Jazmin, and being a good wife was very important to that religion. 

My 20's were full of excitement at being a new mom, but something inside me said "this isn't the life I want." I knew it wasn't going to be easy, and I wasn't quite sure what life had instore for me, but I knew staying in that religion and being married was over, so I took my beautiful baby girl and left.

(I think I used a full can of AquaNet for my hair to stay up like that, oh my goodness!) 

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Here comes my 30's.... 

In my 30's I married again thinking he was the love of my life. I went into the auto industry as a finance manager as my career and I loved it, and I was good at it!  In my personal life I  found myself dealing with a lot of infidelity from my husband of 14 years.

I could only take so much, so I ended this marriage as well. If only I had started my personal development journey here... 

(notice the "mom" jeans? lol...) 

40's Big Surprise Party...


I spent my 40th birthday sharing a snickers candy bar with my cell mate to celebrate. Yes, you read that right, I spent my 40th birthday incarcerated for embezzlement. I served 20 months in prison and that was the hardest time in my life being separated from my daughter, and society. If only I had asked for help, or reached out to someone, perhaps that would have never happened.

However it did because I was already self-imprisoned in my own life. 

Nevertheless I did my time and realized that my past doesn't define me, it's who I am today that matters and today I'm ready to give back to women in need of finding themselves in their 2nd act in life. I've done it successfully  I even have a book, The 2nd Act Formula, coming out soon that's goes into more juicy details and includes an action plan.

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Who Signed Me Up For This At 50?

In my 50's I entered a First-triathlon almost as a dare from friends! Before this I didn't swim, bike, or run so I had to take lessons and it was a lot of hard work, but that's when the light bulb went off in my head to "Dare to Begin" and I knew in my heart if I could do this, then I could really help other woman over come fears too.

(These pictures speak for themselves who knew I could swim, bike, and run all in the same day and live to tell about it!

Why Not Fitness Club 

Today I have a meetup group called Why Not Fitness with over 600 beautiful ladies who enjoy fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. We hike, bike, kayak, golf, and so many more things as a group.

I've also created Why Not Fitness Club online for woman who need a little extra care, motivation, and accountability and one-on- one support. I'm also a speaker, forum leader, and host a podcast directed toward health, fitness and accountability for woman. My goal of helping others has come true with much success I'm addicted to seeing the ripple effect it has, women feeling good about themselves. 

Committed to your success


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