If you're tired learn to rest, not quit!

thebanksblog May 23, 2020
Many times I’ve personally started something, and of course I always with the intent of finishing or completing the task. But I too am human and probably quit as many times as I have started. That’s why I signed up for the Triathlon in August; I knew I would need lots of rest with a no quitting attitude to get across that finish line. Which I did by the way.
Our intent is to start something for bettering ourselves; such as a new eating plan or workout regime. Then we realize we didn’t plan for the time it takes or didn’t prepare with the proper ingredients or gear. Or just plain ol’ didn’t have the mindset to complete it!
When you plan for a goal, and then design your plan you’re able to see the break and rest periods you’re going to need. This also goes for business ideas. We get all creative on something then it’s work -work-work, and you don’t have time. Your mind goes from positive, “I will make it work!”, to “No one is buying this and I’m not ready.” With that no one is going to buy! You’re absolutely right! No one will! If you get tired, learn to rest - not quit!
The following are 4 ways can help you:
1. Plan: Get prepared. If it’s a business, designing your business plan is ideal. You will be able to see what kind of work you will need to get done before opening the door. If it’s something personal, like a new workout or eating plan, then again organizing it will help you in so many ways. We often forget to plan our rest days. Just because you’re in business for yourself or you’re starting something new doesn’t mean you have to be a 24/7 revolving door. Your customer and your body will thank you. Make sure you look ahead as well, what upcoming holidays or event’s will or can get in the way with your goals.
2. Find your tribe: I feel like I repeat this everywhere I speak; but, finding your tribe means finding people who support you and will celebrate the small and non-scale victories with you. They will bike swim and run with you while you’re training or growing your business. Finding your tribe does not mean they are your first customer it means you’re sharing with them something you’ve been working on and that they will support you in other ways. We’ve all had that same experience where a family member is in a new business and they want you to be their first customer, then month after month you start to feel like you’re their only customer. Let’s not do this to our family and friends.
3. Rest! Really, set the time to actually debrief, relax and do nothing but rest. Weather that is a spa day or vacation, or even stopping and sitting down for a few minutes. It feels so amazing to do so. It will also allow the mind to chill and recall some amazing new ways to rock out your new business or the motivation to continue on with your fitness. Resting could give you and your body the break it needs to pull out a victory and cross that finish line!
4. Mindset: Taking the approach of, “I’ve never finish anything I start!” is only going to sabotage this new adventure. So you’ve quit a few times! So what! We all have. But this time go in it with a winning attitude and mindset. Will it be easy? No, and no one said it would be! You’ve planned, you’re supported and you’ve rested up. Now is the time to crush it! Come across the line and celebrate in the victory circle.
Remember, that if you can execute the 4 ways above in everything you do, you’re going to be able to achieve everything you want. I’ve learned along the way that we are human and resting gives our bodies and mind the chance to heal and repair itself. It can also reduce stress, and improve your mood. Which we all need, all of this rest can enhance your productivity as well.
So never quit, if you’re tired - just rest.
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