5 ways to be stronger than your excuses.

Oh Darling, how many times have we said we’re going to start something only to never even get out the front door? Getting out that front door can be the hardest thing! Trust me I know! It’s truly why I became an Accountability Coach. I needed it myself.
How do we "do all the things" you ask? Beating the excuses! These 5 tips are some ways you can be stronger than your excuses. Start with one, and then add another, and before you know it, you will see your results. If it's personal, like weight loss or exercise; or a professional goal, know that it takes time. If you don’t get it right today stick with it and you will succeed. Once you see your excuses disappear you will see how much your accomplishing! And that my darling feels so GOOD!
1. Be Accountable. What that looks like for you may not look the same for others. But if you’re going to hold yourself accountable, you must follow through with the actions. Realize you’re not a product of your circumstance. You’re a product of your choices. Take action! It requires mindfulness acceptance and courage. I believe in you!

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2. Eliminate the distractions. This is so huge for so many of us with the technology and the hours-be-gone-social-media-scrolling! FOCUS!!!! We know what focus means! It means: say "no!" to interruptions and distractions. Set your timer and say "no!" to the incoming text and emails or Facebook or Instagram. I promise you Aunt Sue’s posting of the morning rain will still be there when you’ve finished your task.
3. Listen to your self-talk. If you're saying you can’t do it- you won’t! Our beautiful minds are so powerful that what we say to ourselves is what we will carry out to be true. I used to say, "You're never on time for work!" And low and behold guess who showed up to work late every day? That’s right, me! After changing my thought process to, "I’ll be on time today!" (which I still say in my mind every appointment I have) I make sure that I am on time to every appointment! However, this task perhaps can be challenging; so, please check out the 4th way to be stronger than our excuses.
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4. Read self-development books that will encourage you to step out of your own way! I’ve loved reading books about self-development since I got out of high school. Excited and motivated are the two feelings I would get when I finished reading them. But where the greatest benefits in reading them is: applying what they say. Take your time finding one that’s right for you. I’ve posted a few of my favorites on my website if you’re looking for a little head start.
My tip to reading a self-help book is simple: read 10 minutes a day! That’s it! I know but it’s true. Of course these ten minutes are uninterrupted with no distractions. I have some clients reading in the bathroom just to escape the distractions. If that’s where you need to do it, then by all means. Small doses of self-development allow you and your mind to process all the information and gives you time to heal your self-doubt!
5. Reward or celebrate the little things. If you know me or my blogs I’m a huge believer in the REWARDS OR SMALL CELEBRATIONS! They really are important; they continue to keep you in the game. Even non-scale victories like your jeans feeling looser around the waist or a fresh piece of fruit at the top of a very steep hill. All work and no play makes for a very dull life! Rewards make you feel good, will drive you harder, and give you a sense of accomplishment! They keep the "That felt good!" mindset to keep you in the game and accomplish the bigger goal! You deserve it, don’t you? Cheer's ...
These are the ways to become stronger than your excuses! I keep reminding myself, that we all deserve to reach our goals and feel good about our lives. Take one at a time or master all 5, but know sticking to them will help you achieve anything you want! #daretobegin!
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Look there are times and could be a lot of them, where we just don't feel like it, and that's you dig in and just do it anyways! That's when you get to feel and see the results. 
Hope to catch you on the next blog entry and until then...

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