5 Ways to be Brave Enough to be Bad at something New!

thebanksblog May 25, 2020

              Be brave enough to be bad at something new! 

Have you ever wanted to try something new? Have you ever watched someone excel at a sport or something you’ve always wanted to try? Did you know that the person you're admiring from the sidelines was once new at it too? They may have some natural ability, but they too started at it new, and could have started at it very poorly. 
Not all athletes started on the podium, receiving a gold medal! They, like YOU, were once new at it too! The difference is that they were brave enough to be bad at it and continued on that path until they either loved it and went for the achievements or they said yep that’s enough for me and left it there.  
I’m going to give you 5 ways to be brave enough to be bad at something new!
Some of you know my story of me actually running and finishing a Triathlon this past August, and how I hadn’t really swam, biked or ran in a long time! It was as though I had to start over again. I took swim lessons to improve my swim stroke and give me the confidence I would need in the open water. I went on family bike rides to get a feel for the bike again and then joined others on longer adventures. Even downloaded the App C25k for helping me run the 5k distance. 
As swimming was a challenge, I was so bad at it! I had fear of people judging me or that I would drown, due to my uneven strokes and quick breaths when really I wanted to do was be like a dolphin and glide as though I have done it all my life! I continued the practice in water and out of it. (yes, swim strokes can be improved upon out of water) But eventually I did achieve the stoke and breathing rhythm that I needed to finish the swim.  And I did just that, I finished the swim and moved on the bike and run. I came across the finish line and that’s what I wanted to do! Victory! 
Here are a few ways you too can be brave enough to be bad at something new!
1.) Mind over Matter! I think this is so important that I put it first! Your body will follow whatever your mind tells it to! Crazy to think this but its so true! When coaching my accountability clients, and they are having self doubt I have them read 10 minutes a day of self development books. Or they can listen to a positive, motivational podcast or video. I also do this every morning to set my mindset for the day! We hear too much negative in the world, It’s just everywhere, but that’s the one thing YOU can control are your thoughts and we want you to be emotionally happy and positive!  (for a list of my top 3 positive books, check them out on nicholebanks.com )
2.) Announce it! I know, right. I told everyone I was training for a triathlon and everyone supported me or if they had no faith in me they shared that as well. I didn’t let it get in my head, ( there will always be those that don’t believe in you, even family. I had one that even two days before my event that person said don’t do it, I don’t want you to die.) You have to believe in yourself at this moment, be brave girl I know you can! But I announced it! I even said, “I've never done this before I’m a newbie.”  I would run into women I had shared it to and they would ask how it was going or even give me encouraging words. 
3.) Find your tribe! Find supportive people to encourage you and tell you that you can do it! Yes they are out there! You can find them online through a Facebook Group or Meetup. You can find them in your local area as well. I’ve met some amazing women to give me just a little boost I needed. Whether that was in my swim class or along the running trails. 

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4.) Do it with a friend! Perhaps one of your friends in your circle would do it with you. Both of you could be brave enough! You would be amazed on what the two of you can achieve together. Plus I love that it kept me accountable to the goals I wanted to achieve. My partner would have a bad day and I would be there for her, we usually laugh at ourselves so hard that it just made it fun. I also would be there for her. Between the two of us, we made it through and she crossed the finish line 8 minutes before I did and we celebrated like Champs!

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5.) Take a class! Just like the swim stroke improvement class I took, everyone in the class was there for the same reason. We all looked like a fish out of water in the pool in the beginning but we did just that, improved! Or take two classes, take whatever you need to feel like you want to when doing this so call event. Listen if money is a concern then you know where I would turn? Someone somewhere has put out a how to video and it’s just waiting there for you to take advantage of it. I was pretty amazed on how much content there is! You will be too!
Understanding, that walking out the front door to something that could be scary for you is huge. So give yourself credit where credit is due. Put your shoes on, walk out the door, show up and participate. Even if you're bad at it, you were brave enough to be bad at something new! You could just surprise yourself and actually enjoy your time there and could well even be good at it!
Now it’s time to celebrate! I’m a believer in the celebration! You did what you wanted! You put that brave face on and crushed it! YOU showed UP! That’s truly half the battle right there! So find a way to celebrate your victory, do I hear Champagne perhaps? 
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Make it a great week and until next time,

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