Change, how to deal with it.

thebanksblog May 08, 2020
Ladies when we’re looking at the word “change” and definition; Websters’ says, “make or become” different.

                                          So, why do we fear change so much?
Think about how change is everywhere, to get to where you’re going you may have to change lanes on the freeway; new styles, and upgrades happen all the time.
I'm working on changing my wardrobe with more color instead of constant black. I think the color black is slimming and well shoot I love it!
Processing changes in our own minds, where no one can see us, is far less intimidating than changes that happen out in the wide open that everyone can see. I’m talking about how we think others are going to see us if we change something visible, like, our hair styles, our lifestyles...
We all set our goals, and we know exactly what we need to do about it.
Let’s talk about the choice of a healthier lifestyle, for example. Most of that is a choice of eating right, moving our bodies by working out, and saying no to temptation, as they are all around us.
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Yet, when the alarm goes off in the morning, or your coworker brought in doughnuts, you don’t work out and you give in, and your attitude is, “Well, there’s always next week!”
What happens when we want something so bad and so big that the only way you’re going to change it by doing something different! By getting off the fear wagon and really going for it.
Let’s talk about the value of loss when something changes. Will you really miss out on a doughnut you’ve had before?? See most people fight change due to the fear of losing the value of something. And somehow that serves a purpose for them.
When I moved to Vancouver, I didn’t know anyone here. I moved for a new job! I was excited about the venture. I knew if I didn’t take the opportunity, I would still be eating the same doughnuts as I have before.

There’s no hero-story here. It’s just, “if nothing changes, then nothing changes.”
My tips are simple:
Don’t fear it! Think of the last time you feared change and how when you went through it. It might have been a little scary, but you survived it or you wouldn’t be reading this. That I know for sure.
See - I believe you can do it again! So, go change something! Anything! Everything!
If you want a better way of life you’ve got to change!
Start small and continue to add and grow! If you’re not getting the results you want then guess what?! Drum-roll please... change it again!!! And then again! But don’t give up!

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Keep moving forward, you deserve change! Change makes you appreciate what you really have!
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