19. The important List of List

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This week we created a Important list of list! Create your list and tag me using #Mapp on social media! Let's see those list!

1) List of gratitude all the things you're grateful for. All of them

2) List of thing you want to achieve in your life.

3) List of inspirational videos or podcast, My Accountability Partner Podcast should be on there! lol... If it inspires you of course.

4) List of inspirational music, choose music that makes you want to move your body and dance.

5) List of books you want to read

6) List of things you want to organize, from your finances to the junk drawer.

7) List of why your so amazing. All positive things! This list should be long!

You've been given a challenge this week, be sure to follow through because I'll be checking in on you this coming Friday!

Would love to hear about what your thoughts are on today episode nicholebanks.com under the podcast page.

Thanks for joining me, enjoy your week, I'm your host Nichole Banks until Friday.

xxo Nichole Banks

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