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Below is the formula that get's YOU the best results!


Once you become a member a confirmation email will be sent to you with a link to your new Why Not Fitness Club membership and all it's exciting benefits. Included in the email you will also find my welcome video and a link to my calendar for you to schedule a 30 minute consultation with me for either a zoom meeting or phone consultation, whichever you prefer.

Club-Jump Start

My 5-day jump start is perfect for those who really don't know where to begin.

I walk you through planning and getting you results so you're ready to take on the rest of the month! This is where you fall in love with my daily accountability because I'am committed to your results. 

Weekly Recipes

Healthy choice eating, its a lifestyle of well balanced meal.  

Weekly healthy recipes so your not just eating cardboard. Join me live from your kitchen while I'm in mine, or you can watch the replay on video. 


I will encourage you to focus on your top 3 goals for the first month! Accountability starts when you publicly commit to me and make your goals visual. That's the secret to Why Not Fitness Club. Together we will track and measure them. I'm here when you're stressed and uncertain and need a pep talk. You're not alone. You can change your goals as you smash them. Then make more! 

Text Support

You're sent Daily or weekly text support. You choose how frequent you prefer encouragement. Sometimes its an inspired message from someone whose been there to give you the push you need to keep you committed to living a healthier and complete life! 

Monthly Email

Monthly themed informational PDF bundles to learn and grow. Emailed, PDF including helping you pick your top goals and more! 


Once you become a member of WHY NOT FITNESS CLUB you will be embraced by a community of kick ass ladies transforming together.  The club includes a Facebook Group of like-minded supportive women who are just like YOU!  They champion each other through Facebook posts, Zoom meetings, and social events.


Twice monthly we meet up on a Zoom call for online goal setting, planning workshops showing you what to focus on and help you create a game plan to stay on track. Plus we Celebrate your wins and non scale victories.  

That's a wrap

THAT'S A WRAP PARTY Live zoom, where we CELEBRATE YOUR WINS AND announce next month's theme! Grab your wine, or whatever you like and let's party!

Here's what the Member's are saying...

"I have been working with Nichole for 5 months now and she has been so great at providing me encouragement and support through this process in whatever way I need each week. She pushes me to be a healthier me and is available to help me in any way I need to get there. She has great tips and ideas that have helped push me along this journey to build a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Her positivity is something that really helps motivate me on my days I’m struggling to continue and I’m so glad to have her on this journey with me! "

Laren S.
Night Nurse, Kansas

"I cannot say enough good things about Nichole Banks and her "Why Not Fitness Club". She is a fantastic accountability coach. She's such a genuinely kind person and it really comes through in all the support and encouragement she gives on a daily basis. Her enthusiastic guidance motivates me to keep going. She provides a monthly welcome packet that includes food, water, and exercise trackers. It has motivational quotes and challenges, meal ideas with recipes and so much more. The weekly zoom meetings are my favorite part because I get to meet other members and share our experiences and encourage one another. I've only been working with her a couple of months and have lost 15 pounds and 3 inches. I feel like I'm doing it in a healthy permanent way for the first time because it's a lifestyle change. Working with her has truly been life changing and quite possibly, life saving."

Angie Anderson
Hillsboro, Oregon

"I've been working with Nichole for a year now and can't say enough good things about her and how she's motivated me to put myself first and see that I'm worth it! The daily text of kick A** sure have help me stay on track! How does she know when I need her the most? Love her style and her!"

Jodi Master's

I've got the secret to your future success...

... and it's hidden in your daily routine.

Chances are you're not getting the results you desire. You may be in the process of starting a new workout regimen or new eating plan.

Perhaps you're in a major life transition, like a career change, leaving a relationship, starting a new business, or finally learning to set new standards for the kind of life you want to live.

But things are still not getting you the results you want. You may have read some inspiring books, or binged on some podcasts that empowered you somewhat only to lead to false starts.

You are finally ready to become the woman you want to be, but let's be real: those books and podcasts can only take you so far. That’s where I fit in. I am the secret to your success because TOGETHER we will make your dreams come true. That’s the beauty of having ME as your Accountability Coach. WE get YOU results and I'll be walking right alongside of you, keeping you focused, on-track, every step of the way. Let’s do this beginning TODAY! Sign up now, I can’t wait to be a part of the new you! 



Why the need for Why Not Fitness Club membership?  

I created Why Not Fitness Club membership for women who want a partner to help boost their self confidence and feel radiant from the inside out. I love coaching woman on health, fitness, and life issues. Such as losing weight, getting in shape, making healthy food choices, as well as managing stress. I also designed Why Not Fitness Club to empower woman to get the spark back into their life and to know they have the assurance of someone to rely on without judgement and perhaps get a firm, yet kind, swift kick, if needed for motivation.

I'm here for YOU! I love seeing the ripple effect it has on so many people. Happy women, mother's, neighbor's, or co-worker's, ripples into a happy home's, neighborhood's and communities.

For only $33.00 a month (A nice bottle of wine) you can get so much more done than you ever dreamed because you'll have more energy! You'll see amazing results and have access to tools you can implement in your life immediately. My advice to anyone who is thinking about beginning Why Not Fitness Club Membership is to DO IT – YOU are SO worth it! Embrace the positive, discard the negative and change your life…because I have, and trust me when I say, "the feeling and lifestyle is beyond incredible." Isn’t it time you STOP undermining yourself and lose the “I never have time attitude”.  Get started today because your success, is my success as well!

Join T O D A Y , here!

Yes, you can!

We're so glad you're here! Accountability Coaching is a specific way for a person to reach their personal health and wellness goals Or transitional goals while having a guided built-in support system available to them all day, every day. An Accountability Coach is there to hold you to your actions and choices and encourage you to continue down a path to your best self. ***Accountability Coaches are not certified or licensed instructors or nutritionists, rather we are real people who overcame the similar challenges, and therefore can relate with you on an equal, common ground— finding and being the most fantastic you. Are you Ready? Why NOT?


We are here to support YOU monthly~




  • Welcome Video (inside membership portal)
  • Month's themed PDF workbook emailed monthly
  • Daily Text as Accountability -
  • Checklist 
  • Rock your goals as we design your foolproof plan
  • List of Important dates
  • Zoom Calls (monthly Coaching, Q & A and that's a wrap celebration) 
  • Community of kick ass ladies transforming together.
  • Email support by Banks & Co. Customer Service

We're so excited YOU'RE here! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

General & Pricing If you can't find the answer to your question below please email [email protected]

Why Not Fitness Club membership is a monthly subscription that is designed to hold you accountable to meet your specific goals and to keep you in daily communication with your Accountability Partner, to achieve your desired goals.

Included in your membership is my coaching, monthly themed to help with goal setting and tracking, daily text support, informative monthly emails on health, well-being and fitness topics, zoom coaching meetings and planning workshops, downloadable PDF workbooks, a supportive community of like-minded woman, plus and whole much more.

• First, fill out the information form on the membership page and sign up.
• A confirmation and welcome email will be sent to you with a link for you to access the Why Not Fitness Club. membership portal
• Once there you can watch Nichole's welcome video and receive instructions on how to begin your membership. You will also be provided with PDFS to download and on going support.

You can access your membership on any laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Anywhere you have internet service.

Our monthly membership right now is $33.00 monthly (with $15.00 a one time processing fee).

We would hate to see you go but you can cancel any time by sending a email with "Cancel" in the subject line to [email protected]

You are not alone! I'm right here!

Need someone to check in with daily? Weekly? Monthly? I'm right here for YOU! Let's get it done! You're only one step away!


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