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Fresh-Prep With Nic ™

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

· Master your own Food Prep!

· See how economical and easy food prepping can be

· Unique recipes with an international flair

· Only with:Fresh-Prep With Nic ™

Nichole has traveled to countless local, regional, national, and international destinations. She then finds herself in the kitchen trying to recreate the same dish she experienced in her travels, or enhance it to make it better! Take advantage of her passions, experience, and skills to create phenomenal 5-star cuisine, have a ton of fun, and do it all at a 1-star price!

Join her and discover how food prepping is quick, easy, and delicious. She provides the traditional, unique, and internationally-inspired cuisine YOU can easily create at home! Be the talk of the office when you heat up your wonderful week of lunches; homemade and healthy to keep you on track with any dietary goal!

“Fresh-Prep With Nic ™” is a live food prepping experience. Follow the Set-Up Instructions emailed to you several days prior to the live show. With plenty of time to prepare, you can set up in your kitchen as your schedule allows. The live feed is always on Sunday afternoons. Replays can be accessed at any time convenient for you.

Grab your daughter, partner, mother, best friend. Engage in a completely different food-prep experience! Join our international audience in all our respective kitchens every Sunday!

With your subscription, you will receive:

· Weekly menu of a wide variety of lunches and snacks

· Simple grocery shopping list

· Easy to follow directions for set-up, kitchen tools, and Nic’s Notes

· Detailed instructions on a live-stream video

Shop and set up, go to our Facebook page, and cook right along with your instructor. Prep live, or watch the replay at a time that works best for you. (Or both!)

The result is a week of great healthy lunches and snacks you've made in your kitchen.

· Delicious cuisine

· Keeps you on track with your dietary goals

· Economical recipes that stretch all week

· Saves you time!

Don't forget to share with your family friends and co-workers.