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Mice Candy Halloween

I found this on Pinterest and fell in absolute love, had to make them for this years 2018 Halloween Recipes with Nichole Special.

Mice Halloween Candy Recipes with Nichole

Quick and easy and a revised version from Pinterest.

I used 1 bag of brown candy melts

10 oz jar maraschino cherries with stem, drained and dried

small bag of sliced almonds

1 tube of red icing

Mice Halloween Candy

Key here is to really make sure your cherries are drained and dried. Your chocolate won't stick otherwise.

so be sure to have them drying while doing everything else. Your going to want to work quickly for this to set up.

Unwrap your kisses and set aside

Have a sheet of wax paper out

In a microwave bowl melt your candy melts

Dip dried cherries into your melted chocolate by the stem's you don't want the stems in the chocolate. Then place onto your wax paper. Quickly add your unwrapped chocolate kiss to the end of the cherry opposite of the stem with the pointed part making the nose of the mouse.

Quickly add your two almond silvers in between your cherry and kiss candy. The chocolate will set up quickly.

Then take your red icing and make eyes on your kiss candy for the mouse.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween & be sure you subscribe your not going to want to miss what's coming next.