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Easy Verde Salsa

Who doesn't enjoy a little Verde Salsa? Perfect timing as well with Cinco de Mayo May 5th! It can be used for almost anything~ But we here at this house hold we can't get enough of it, we just love it on our Taco Tuesday's. This Quick and Easy Recipe is Credited to JB Martin Del Campo who taught me while visiting him in Arizona (he's my daughter's boyfriend) and man can he cook! In Arizona they have Saturday open market's with booth after booth of Hot Sauce's. But to have a homemade Verde Salsa well that come's from picking out the perfect ripe pepper's and just knowing how to blend it to the right consistency that everyone will ask where did you buy this at? That's exactly what we did, we went to the market and got everything together and made it at home boy was it quick and easy, It will beat any Store bought or Mexican Restaurant around. I'm still working on him for his Grandmother's Tamale recipe, which is a Christmas Tradition in his family. Just love it~

Easy Verde Salsa

Keep in mind we enjoy the spicy (You've Been WARNED!)*** Know too you can make it less spicy and still enjoy the amazing flavor's. Everything fresh and again it's easy to make so enjoy it on your next Taco Tuesday or Make it a batch for you refrigerator to use anytime. You can't go wrong. Everything You need to know about this recipe is below:

****Note when roasting, Please keep your garlic unpeeled. Just makes it better, trust me on this one! Pre-heating your oven to Broil that's right I said Broil. Your going to take your Onion's, peppers and unpeeled garlic and place onto a baking sheet. I actually cut my jalapeno in half just to roast the seeds a little. Those little orange peppers are Native to parts of Central America and the Caribbean, this little pepper packs a lot of heat. But contrary to popular belief, the Red Savina habanero is not the hottest type of chile; that distinction now goes to the Indian bhut jolokia, or ghost chile. Still, habaneros add a lot of heat to cooking and should be used judiciously. You’ll find different colors, ranging from red to white-yellow and even brown, but orange is the most common. Great for salsa, hot sauces, or a fiery jerk chicken.

Broil for 7-10 min. remember chair broil is the plan here so if you see black on the tops that's perfect! But if you see everything on the pan BLACK....well, shoot it's probably that you didn't set the timer and it's just not going to be the same darlings.

Peel your garlic, and everything now goes into the Food Processor along with your salt, lime juice and cilantro. (yes cilantro... promise you can add as much or as little as you want, your making it you can do as you choose- you have my permission.

I like to have a smooth Verde salsa so I pulse mine until my preferred consistency. about 3-4 min. Don't to Sample while in the food processor so it's easy to add a little more salt, lime juice or cilantro if needed.

Ingredients: 6-8 med/large Tomatillos

1 med. white or yellow peeled and quartered Onion

1/4 cup cilantro- you can use more or less depends on your taste

1 large jalapenos

1-3 small orange Habaneros

3 gloves of garlic, leaving the peeling on till after roasting

1 med lime for lime juice

1/2 tsp salt Directions: pre-heat oven to Broil Roasting for 7-10 min. till roasted, some veggies may turn black in area's that's okay it's when the whole veggie is black that it's not OK!Add the Onion, Jalapeno, Habanero and Tomatillos, garlic onto the baking sheet and broil for 7-10 mins. After removing let them cool for 3-5 min before handling or use tongs. Peel your garlic, Then Combine all the ingredients into your food processor along with the cilantro, salt and fresh lime juice Along w/ everything you roasted place, and process till your desired consistency.

Serve with chips or spoon over your Taco's. This is a crowd Favorite for sure! Cinco de Mayo is coming and now you have something beside Tequila to serve!

***I choose to keep the seed's in my Jalapeno's yes that's where the heat comes from but you can take them out. You can omit the Habaneros all together if you choose too and or you can add other spicy peppers of your choice to make it even spicier.

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