17. How to find your Tribe, people who support you!

Happy Monday this week Nichole talks about and shows you how to find your tribe, people who support your goals.

This episode is a repeat ... You need to find ones that support YOU and your goals,

She refers to Meetup.com where you can find link minded actives.

So this week I dare you to begin, here's your challenge, find a place or event or online group and reach out to becoming a member or a student, you have until Friday! and Goooooooooo.... i'm looking forward to seeing the #daretobeginnic, in your Instagram stories or drop me a line at nicholebanks.com under the podcast page.

Join us for next week its the wrap up week of this 6 week series of getting ready to rock your new year!We are going to learn ways to celebrate the victories of your goals and how to carry it throughout the year.

Holding people accountable is love when I'm holding YOU accountable, I'm saying You're capable of a bigger Game" I'M YOUR HOST NICHOLE BANKS ENJOY YOUR WEEK UNTIL FRIDAY

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