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Nichole is rocking 32!  What do you mean I'm 50?

Deny deny deny was how I used to feel about getting older, forever 32! Crazy to think but it's so true. After some hard lessons and understanding in life and of course acceptance, folks I'm just getting started, so let the party begin! 

However, I've not always felt this way. I've been under a lot of stress and overwhelming task at hand before, unhappy in the work place and home life. 

Went through a bitter divorce and found myself self loathing, longer than I should have. But the lesson was that I really needed help and didn't ask for it! 

It's why I became an Accountability Coach, it's because its what I needed. I needed help showing up every day in my own life to get Sh*t done! I needed help in my life to accomplish goals that I had set out for myself. 

Learning to put myself first, and growing with taking in personal development I'm proud to say, "I've never felt better, nor have I looked back!" Life is just that GOOD! 


My Support & Tribe 

Let me introduce you to this amazing guy named Jeff. We've been together over 5 years and he continues to amazing me in his unconditional love and support. Did I mention Acceptance, He accepts me just the way I am...                

I'm a mother of amazing daughter which will making me a grandmother soon. (Insert -learning Acceptance) 

I'm a strong believer in having your tribe, people around you that support you in a positive way. 

My family does this for me but also My Group of ladies in my local community. We get together and do fun things like hiking, walk, line dancing, music in the parks and so many more things to name. We've grown to over 800 women... #TRIBE Women who support each other in a positive way. 





Learning to create balance was a hard lesson to learn, but I think I've got it down now. It's when I'm not balanced that everything can tip over! I used to that for years, not this lady anymore,  I enjoy working hard and helping others put themselves first, I will always support that cause. Just knowing that it's when I don't put myself first I can't help other's! 

These day's I'm honored to be my age and you will find me Coaching, Speaking and Hosting My Accountability Partner Podcast. I will continue to love on those younger and older than I, hope you will continue to follow my journey as I'm entering My Second Act! 


Nichole ~ 


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