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Nichole Banks, Speaker,

Accountability Coach, Podcast Host of My Accountability Partner, 2nd Act Formula 

As a Finance & Insurance Manager in the Auto Industry for over 10 years. She's worked with all types of credit, She became one of the first FDA Approved to teach Bankruptcies classes under the new law.  Is the organizer of a Ladies Fitness Meetup group  with over 500 member's & online coaching she's reaching well over the 1000's.

When she's not Blogging - Coaching- or Hosting her Podcast My Accountability Partner, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up some quick and easy meal's, as shes loves being in the Kitchen.

Her first book, working title "The 2nd Act Formula",  is slated to be released in the spring of 2020. 

Join her weekly on iTunes with her Podcast, My Accountability Partner. 

She's engaged to marry Jeff Thompson if they pick a date... They together enjoy Golfing, Happy hour's and Travel is their Love Language. She has two adult daughter's while Jeff has a son in his early teens. 

Speaking topics:

Nichole is a Motivation Speaker, who add's laughter and straight talk when she's giving her Signature talks;  "The 2nd Act Formula"  and Dare to begin, removing the, "I can't" out of your life.

Speaking Inquires please email, nichole@nicholebanks.com 

Nichole wants to live in a world where PEOPLE are happy from the "Inside",  Low calorie ice cream taste like the "Real Thing" and have a force field over her house that doesn't allow dirt to get in!  She can dream can't she? 

Nichole has experienced what she teaches, Accountability & the Art of Self Confidence, and after hearing her speak at a 2-day Celebration of Women event, I knew Nichole was someone who has held herself accountable, she talks the talk and walks the walk.

With a kind heart but strong belief in her coaching style she can help anyone looking to hold their self-accountable? Nichole’s coaching strategies can fulfill almost any part of your life that needs Accountability or Self Confidence.

Personal or Professional growth, Nichole can be there every step of the way to ensure you reach your goal. After your initial conversation with Nichole you will feel her caring nature and know you are in the right hands to be the best you and live the best life!

Nichole Banks captivates the audience with her gregarious personality and beautiful smile. Nichole’s story telling coupled with her gestures will keep you in suspense and make you laugh. Most of all you will discover the message she is sharing and learn about how you too can learn how to be accountable and the Art of Self Confidence.

Chawn Peterson, Owner Operated and Organizer of "Women Empowered" February 26, 2019