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My Accountability Partner Podcast - Nichole Banks
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Rude Behavior and how do deal with it.

Nichole gives you some great tips on how to deal with it but what if it's YOU being Rude?


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Stop saying yes to the shit you hate.

Girl, I already know your do this! So Nichole is giving you tips on how to STOP saying yes to the Shit you hate! And Yes, to the things you want to do!


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How to handle the Holidays, w/ family or alone.

It's that time of year! Are you sharing the holidays with family or are you by yourself? Nichole shares tips on how to survive both! Use them and share with her message board above. 


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How to put yourself on top of your to do list! 

We are so busy in our lives, and YOU're the only you we have. Listen as Nichole tell's us why its important to put ourselves on top of the to do list and why we need to start today! 


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4 Ritual behaviors that dare you to begin each day.

Nichole is giving you tips on how to start your day! She shares her story on Daring to begin training for a Triathlon at 50 years old. 

What have you dared to begin? 

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