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How to put yourself on top of the to do list

thebanksblog May 09, 2020

Putting yourself at the top of your to do list & why you need to start today!

Every time we get on a plane, the flight attendants give the same safety instructions, "In case the plane becomes a cruise, use your life vest under your seat," “If the cabin pressure changes, an oxygen mask will be released from the compartment over your seat. Please secure your own mask, before assisting your loved ones or passengers sitting around you.”
Why do you think that is?
As a mother, I would want to see my child safe. We say this as parents, “If anything ever happened to my child, I could never forgive myself, especially if it’s under my control.”
Imagine you doing just the opposite of the flight attendant’s instructions and helped someone else before helping yourself. While placing the mask on your loved one you feel light headed. You can’t breathe. Then. You stop helping your loved one. You attempt to make it right by placing the mask on yourself, but you waited too long to put yourself first. And then nobody survives.

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I can hear what you’re thinking! “It’s my child! I would die first – anytime -  for my child!”
We know we can't predict the future and hope nothing like this happens but consider for one moment that with your life saving oxygen your able to give instructions to a scared child and they listen and do as you've instructed and they too are saved.
How much help are we really providing to our loved ones if we’re not around to see them grow and be there for even more help later in their lives.
We have to put ourselves on the top of the to-do list for ourselves, and then our loved ones benefit! Everyday day!
I ask of you to start today! Because, we’re not promised tomorrow, you see.
I call this the ripple effect and you’ve heard me say this before but it really is just that!
When you feel good or are happy, then that affects our children by being able to have more energy and strength to assist them with a loving and kind personality. But when we’re stressed out, we shout (well, I do anyways!)
But we shout, or get short tempered, and become someone no one wants to deal with.
Happiness can really go a long way. Not just outside our home, it affects our coworkers or community, and can even affect the world!
We really can make a difference, but you’ve got to take care of you!
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Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, so don’t email me saying it is. You can’t secure the life-saving oxygen on your loved ones if you didn’t first secure your own. You first. Then all others. And then everything else will fall into place. Try watch and see.
Below I give you a few ways to get this done:
1.) Plan for some me time! Everyday block out some time for YOU! I don't care if it's exercise or personal development, Some only have time for one. While others can make time for more. Plan it and the work the plan.
2.) Learn to say, "no!" Especially if it interrupts your me time!
3.) Let others in the home know you need time for yourself and perhaps you can work out a trade of some sort. They will respect your me time, eventually. Because they will love a much happier YOU!
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When you put yourself on top of your to do list each day YOU not only feel good but your smile shows every one your looking good too!
You're going to love how you feel! 
Nichole Banks 

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