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Dare to Begin 10/08/2018

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Dare to Begin
We have all wanted to start something great! But then we just never get around to it. Is it because we’re afraid? Maybe it’s something as basic as not knowing where to start. Something keeps us from starting that health and fitness program, learning that new language, writing that book.
What is it?
Goals big or small go unrealized. Even the smallest of tasks like reading that new book by your favorite author. I admit, I used to have a whole shelf of, “I’m reading this no matter what!” But there they sat.... on the shelf, not started.
Or how about starting that exercise program? Do you belong to a gym? Good Morning America reported last January that 60% of all people who buy gym memberships, don’t even get into the gym to start. Not even to start.
Why?! Why don’t we “dare to begin”?
Could it be the fear of failure?? Overthinking the process?? Fear of being judged? Overwhelming information?
Not enough information? Lack of support? Compulsive restarting?
I wake up every day, “dare to begin” to make my bed. It’s a silly little thing. But I feel good that I accomplished something and I am rewarded when I climb into smooth sheets at night!

                                         Are You Compulsively Restarting?

We know how we feel when we start a project - and finish it! Think of those fabulous inventions we take for granted. Spanks. Best invention ever. Single-serving Champagne bottles? How perfect are those! And let’s not dismiss those wonderful bath bombs! I mean, right? Had those inventors never “dared to begin”, or worse, never finished, our lives would just be plain bath water!
Why don’t we “dare to begin” more when the rewards are so – well, rewarding!? I know for me- it used to be fear of failure.
When you burn toast do you throw out the toaster? No! You throw out the toast, adjust the toaster and start again! That’s called “failing forward.”
Over the course of my long history of burning toast, I have learned that I didn’t totally fail. Rather, I failed forward. I can accept what I have learned to do, adjust course, and I can accept that there are some kinds of toast I wouldn’t have twice (Pumpernickel! Blech!)
But I tried it! And I learned some things about myself (that I don’t like pumpernickel!) along the way.
Had I not “dared to begin,” I wouldn’t have learned. I wouldn’t have tried something new. I would have accepted the lesser me. And YOU, my dear reader, wouldn’t have this blog! Had I not “dared to begin”, my viewing and listening audiences would never have a live video or a podcast to listen to.
Make those adjustments. Learn what we could do differently. And give it another try.
Stare fear down, dead in its face and say, “I’ve got this!!!”
“Dare to Begin.” Today.
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