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Choose Your Attitude by Nichole Banks 10/01/2018

thebanksblog Mar 12, 2020
Choose your attitude
Gawd, overhearing someone bitching and complaining about the littlest of things is really becoming a pet peeve of mine.
This morning at Dutch Bro’s, this Cranky-Monster was in such a hurry that she was yelling at The Mom in front of her; simply because the Mom asked a question about the hot cocoa for her child. I could hear Cranky-Monster say under her breath, “This is a coffee stand! Why are you even bringing your child in here!??”
The employee of Dutch continued just as sweet and nice with the Mom, and when Cranky-Monster got to the window she maintained her sweet and nice composure without skipping a beat.
While Dutch Bro’s actually has a very strict code of customer care that all employees must follow, it’s also that Barista’s choice to adhere to it.
It’s my choice as well to be patient with the impatient. And then I got to thinking….
We all have a choice. We must make a conscious decision between a good attitude, or a bad attitude.
How does your choice of attitude affect others? Would it have helped the server if there were two of us being pissy?! No! Does it show the child a better choice in behavior? Yes! Maybe even help the Barista diffuse the situation? Probably.
This has been something I’ve been personally working on. I am always a work in progress. Yesterday, when I stubbed my toe on the staircase spindle, I could have yelled and whined like I have in the past. But I choose to quietly say, “Dammmmmmm!!! That hurt!” And then I hummed a few more curse words, took a deep breath, and continued on my way.
We also, conscientiously, make poor choices in our lives. For me, I know I shouldn’t eat popcorn. I have a pancreas issue, but I do it anyway! I know the risks, but more so because well who doesn’t love popcorn!?
You can choose to have a good day or a bad day. Choose a good decision, or a bad one.

              Choose to have a good attitude or a bad attitude, it's your choice! 
Yes, it does take practice to choose the good, right? Because we have that bad angel sitting on our shoulders, always showing its ugly head. But your call to action is to practice your choice of a good attitude no matter what life gives you.
Over time, you will see that it feels so good!
After placing my order with the Barista, I walked away with my head held high. I chose to have a good attitude!
Small victories, baby! Small victories.
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