The "6 Habits of Successful 2nd Act Women" was created with YOU in mind. We gave birth to millennials, and corporate america promotes them as our bosses. No wonder we are considering self-employment, or transitioning our side-hustle to our full-time gig. We are ready to travel, but haven't yet released ourselves from the daily responsibilities. We long for independence, but still support our family.





We are the 2nd Act Women. Learn how to seize your best 2nd Act, determine your direction, set your pace, and drop the mic on your 2nd Act!

   2nd Act Women


Nichole is a Podcast host of "My Accountability Partner" and an accountability coach and has a great passion for helping others create their 2nd Act! She's a believer in creating your own tribe of women who are willing to accept you the way you are.  A tribe that will encourage, support and inspire you to continue to live your best life! She's a strong believer in the ripple effect. Ourselves, our homes, our community, & our world.

Join Nichole Banks as she host, "My Accountability Partner Podcast," every Monday & Friday! 

Putting you in control, it might just be the swift kick YOU need!